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"There will never be another Gloria. I dream about that place," reads a Chowhound post from 2003 about this fabled Flushing pizzeria. Pizza lovers old enough to remember Alexander's and Gertz along with the shop's legendary lines can rejoice. The son-in-law of the original owner, reopened the quintessential New York City slice shop in Forest Hills earlier this week. Gloria's slice is indeed glorious. Back when Gloria first opened back in 1960 there were many such pizzerias all over the city. In this day and age of rock star pizzaiolos and their pedigreed pies a good slice shop is hard to find. Don't get me wrong I love places like Co. in Manhattan and the nearby Nick's Pizza in Forest Hills, but sometimes I just want an old-school slice. With its slightly sweet tomato sauce, and blistered crisp crust Gloria's regular slice fits the bill. He's been making pizza since the '70s and it shows. He stretches the dough and then flings the disc into the air with practiced grace. Then comes a ladle or two of tomato sauce and cheese and it's into the oven. That sauce is possessed of a freshness fondly recalled by many a Gloria fan. The stuff of old-school pizza dreams. "Did you grow up eating at Gloria," a guy who had brought his kids for a trip in Gloria's pizza Wayback machine. I told him I hadn't, but upon reflection I'm sure I ate many a similar slice on Long Island in the 1970s and 80s. The white slice here is garlicky and pleasantly cheesy. Never mind the fact that such a slice likely did not exist in 1960. The Sicilian, an offer I couldn't refuse. With its crunchy crust and slightly spongy surface topped with that wonderful sauce and blistered cheese Gloria's Sicilian slice is a thing of gastronomic bliss. Gloria's rice ball packed with cheesy goodness. "They didn't have those back in the sixties," a friend who is a long-time Gloria fan said. That may be so, but I can tell you he missed out. Each golden crusted orb is delicious filled with rice studded with peas and enriched with plenty of mozzarella and romano cheeses. The highest compliment I can pay Gloria though is that I burned the roof of my mouth eating a regular slice there earlier tonight. And I'd gladly do it again. I simply could not stop eating it. It's just that good."
"Gloria, hallelujah! Among Queensers who've been around long enough to remember it, the second coming of Gloria Pizza is kind of a big deal. The new Gloria fronts Queens Boulevard, just outside the Forest Hills–71st Avenue stop. You can't miss it. It's next to the Midway Cinemas movie theater. If you're still having a hard time, look for people carrying away Gloria-branded pizza boxes. I spotted three of them on my short walk from the train. Gloria's plain slice —a beautiful-looking yellow-orange triangle of molten cheese—is remarkably thin and crisp. The Sicilian though, was good, with an aggressive dusting of dried herbs and the same sweet-sauce flavor as the regular slice. It was light enough that I didn't get that gut-bombed feeling you often get from bad Sicilians."
"I was just thinking—especially now that I've tried Gloria Pizza for myself a couple of hours ago and already want to go back for more—that I now can predict that the record-long streak of failing businesses that occupied that space next to the Midway Theater has now officially come to an end. I predict that as long as Gloria Pizza wants to remain in that spot, and can afford the rent, they will be there."
"I went to the old Gloria's since about 1970. This slice is the same or better than it ever was. They also have Grandma and other exotic slices. What is missing is Snaider’s Orange and Grape drinks. Maybe in time, these too will appear like magic, the way the original Gloria's slice has. This is the best thing to happen to Forest Hills in a long time."
"They've been open for 2 days and I've been there twice. I am already so happy to have such a good pizza spot nearby. Yesterday, I had a plain slice and a Grandma slice. Both were awesome. Today, I went for a penne vodka slice (which was interesting, but not my fave), and another plain slice. Today's plain slice was even better than yesterday. It was saucy and sweet, just the way I like. I also grabbed some stuffed garlic knots on impulse, but am too stuffed to eat them just yet. Soon..."
"I had the chicken marsala on tuesday night and it was great. I loved it. I also had a regular slice and thought it was pretty good. My girlfriend had the grandma slice and she liked it."
"I ate at Gloria's today and boy was it amazing!! haven't had a good slice like that since years back in Flushing at Lucia Pizza, brings you back! The quality and the place were both great. I can't wait to go back again on friday!!"
"From Flushing to Forest Hills, Gloria has found new life here on Queens Boulevard. Their buffalo chicken pizza slice is one of the best I've tasted. The sauce is the right ratio of spicy:sweet, and the tender chunks of chicken are great. The crust of all the slices here is done right, and the cheese doesn't taste like plastic cheese food. The guys here are friendly and outgoing. The dining area is modern, spacious and clean. While I'm an old-school stalwart who still enjoys seeing the old neon orange/red booths, the pizza is top-notch and just the way outerboro pizza should be. Prices are fair and the portions are great. I've yet to finish trying all the pizza options in Forest Hills, but Gloria's is so good that this task is at the bottom of my action items list."
"Great pizza great service! Very reliable with big orders.. They not only delivered on time but the pizza was still nice and hot. Thanks again!"
"Those of us of a certain age who grew up in Flushing are evangelical about Gloria Pizza. We are thankful beyond belief that they have reopened in Forest Hills, and expanded the menu. The pizza is as good (or better) than ever, and everything else I've tried has been superb. This is the original Gloria, opened and run by Gloria's son-in-law. Don't be fooled by Whitestone wannabes."
"Pizza is solid here. Try the chicken soup too. It's very homemade and delicious."
"NYC pizza at its best right in Forest Hills! Conveniently located right on the blvd, next to Midway theater... This is definitely my GO TO pizza joint right before catching a flick or just when when I'm in my fatty mood. The guys are friendly and wait time for a fresh pie is reasonable... prices are also reasonable for the area. You can't go wrong with Gloria's... go grab a slice!"
"The slices here are super. One of the best places I've found in Queens. 2 things stand out: Sauce has a touch of sweetness. Not too much, but just enough flavor complexity to make delicious. Crust is nice and wonderfully crispy. Altogether: a superb combination. I like to create a custom pie with eggplant, broccoli, onions and fresh garlic -- best eggplant pie ever from this place! The guys that work here are nice, efficient."
"I'm a big fan of the meatball pizza, rice balls, garlic knots, and chicken roll. Gloria's is a great pizzeria overall."
"Gloria pizza has redeemed itself. We ducked in bc we needed to catch a quick bite before the catching fire movie started. We ordered fresh slices of whole wheat plain, penne and whole wheat mushroom. We liked all three but the penne and whole wheat plain were our favorites."
"When I was 12, I used to go to Gloria Pizza on Main Street. Back then it was served on those clear plastic trays that supermarket meat was sold in. Back then it was my favorite pizza. Wherever I went, once people found out I was from Flushing, they would say, "The best pizza is located in Flushing." And I would reply, "YES, I know ! Gloria " Then they closed down. Years of sadness and bad pizza ensued. 30-some-odd years later, word got to me that Gloria was re-opening in FoHi. I was ecstatic. The moment I stepped into the new Gloria Pizza, it brought back memories of junior high school, taking the bus to Main Street (with my bus pass), grabbing a few slices, and taking the bus back home to share them with grandma. Now, I work for the MTA at Forest Hills, and I pop into Gloria at least two times a week. The sadness is gone and good pizza is back. P.S. They serve an awesome chicken roll too, as well as specialty pizzas (white, Spinach, Buffalo Chicken, Grandma, etc...), and also Tartufo and Ices from Lemon Ice King of Corona"
"They have the best traditional NY-style slices I've had in a long time, ESPECIALLY in Forest Hills. There's no other pizzeria in the area that can be called anything other than "decent when I'm absolutely desperate." Friendly staff as well."
"I am giving this new pizza place in FoHi 5 stars, not because its the best pizza I have had in my life but because from what I've tried it's better than the 2 others nearby and also the place is super clean and has a lot of seating and a clean bathroom. They have a ton of options- pizzas, salad bar and a full menu of entrees. The staff are friendly and one guy took my dirty plates from the table saving me from doing it myself, I thought that was sweet. Everything looks fresh and good. Now for the pizza, the crust is delicious. I have tried regular and....... CHICKEN MARSALA... That's right folks, a chicken marsala slice. It was freakin GOOD. I will definitely be back for that slice of heaven. Worth it if you are in the area and looking for pizza by the slice. "
"THE BEST WHITE SLICE I HAVE HAD IN YEARS....YUM YUM YUM I have not had a decent white slice in over 20 years when I used to go up to the Bronx with my ex. I have finally found my heavenly slice. The past two or three times I have gotten the plain white slice and when I get it I can't wait until the next time I am in the neighborhood to get it. Tonight I had the white slice with spinach and I still have the smile on my face hours after I have eaten it. I would not mind trying the regular slice but I am drawn to that white slice and I just can't take my eyes off it when I get there. Waiting on line to order it is torture because I CAN'T WAIT TO BITE INTO IT. Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo Gloria, Glorious pizza................."
"I'm finally able to hit Gloria Pizza in Forest Hills. This is suppose to be the same owner of the original Gloria's. It's a thin slice, sweet sauce , and mozzarella. It does taste similar to the original recipe. If I was still living here, then I would be hitting Gloria's often. Nice job"
"Best pizza in the Forest Hills area. Their house salad vinaigrette (Garden Fresh Salad) is outstanding. Slightly sweet and fruity, not too tart. Another delicious item on the menu is the Penne alla Vodka with Grilled Chicken. They aren't playing around. They're right next door to the Midway theater on Queens Blvd. We get delivery from there once a week, but every now and then I stop in for a slice. Quality."
"Superb NY pizza and pasta place. Lots of options including whole wheat. Just enjoyed an amazing chicken parm hero!"
"Growing up in Flushing, it was a treat every time we went for pizza at Gloria's on Main St. Back then there was pizza and then there was Gloria's. A slice with a coke was 50 cents. It was glorious. When they closed, it was the end of an institution. For decades, I've been on an ever ending quest to find a pizzeria that could match Gloria's receipe. To my disappointmnet, my search always ended badly. You can imagine my surprise and happiness when I read Gloria's was to re-open in Forest Hills. Cause for great celebration! My pie has returned.

Tonight, I made my pilgrimage to this mystical parlor of sauce, cheese and dough. My wife was there to witness & record this momentous occassion. Upon entering, I told a smiling counterman of my long and lonely journey to reunite my palate with the "one and only slice". As I sat down and took that first much anticipated bite, all I could think was "I'm finally home". As I was savoring the pizza of childhood past, the counterman broke my spell when he called out my name. You know the rest. The pizza was worth the wait. In the immortal words of General Douglas MacArthur -- "I shall return"."
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